My name is Liam Nolan. Most recently I was the Head of Product Marketing at Zealify. I’m always open to meeting and working with interesting people. Download my CV or get in touch.

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Since graduating from Southampton University in 2012, I have co-founded a startup and was most recently employee number 1 in another. I have been involved in every aspect of starting and growing a business, including business planning, process and product management, product marketing, user and customer acquisition, user experience and web development.

My interests lie in digital products, marketing and personal development. I find the science and psychology behind what makes people do things incredibly interesting and I look to use these insights to help attract users and move them through the user journey.

I am also a certified Inbound Marketer from HubSpot and a huge advocate of inbound marketing; providing value to attract, convert, close and delight users and customers.

Outside of work you’ll find me either watching or playing sport (usually football) or listening to music.

I built this site mainly as evidence of my self-taught skills in Front-End Web Development. The site is coded from scratch in raw html and CSS and is fully mobile responsive.